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I'm Dr. Elissa Hellman, a board certified OB/GYN.

With over 13 years experience in treating all ages of women, I was in full time clinical practice in Milwaukee, WI for over twelve years practicing the full scope of OB/GYN.  I now live in Bet Shemesh, Israel.  My special interests are in adolescent gynecology, patient education, and being a resource for the special medical concerns in the larger Jewish community. 

Being an Orthodox Jew, I am knowledgeable in the laws of Ta'harat Hamishpacha, including the intricacies of niddah and mikvah.  During my years as a clinical OBGYN, I noticed a gap in women's health awareness and education when it came to understanding their own health and treatment options. 

This was my motivation for starting this telehealth practice.

Along with my professional career, I am also a wife and mother to three wonderful, rambunctious children and enjoy watching them grow up.  My outside interests include healthy cooking, reading historical fiction, and being crafty.

Mission Statement

Here, we are committed to empowering the Jewish woman to feel in control of her life decisions within the framework of Taharat HaMishpacha, the laws of family purity.


By providing education and medical advice, we help her understand her own unique medical needs throughout the Jewish life cycle.  As a gynecologic medical practice in the virtual setting, we focus on providing our patients with a solid grasp of how the female body works (including anatomy, menstrual cycle function and manipulation, and sexual wellness).  We are then able to address and treat a wide variety of concerns with personalized options.


Our goal is to enhance and improve the lives of our patients, at times and with issues that may need extra sensitivity.

Social Impact

Along with seeing patients through telehealth, my goal is to reach the broader Jewish community to help fill in the gaps when it comes to education.  Many important topics that are thought to be taboo, impact the day-to-day lives of women and families in the Jewish community.

Using social media platforms, I help shed light on those, with a Torah perspective and angle so you can understand how these topics fit into your life on a practical level.

Medical Education

College:  University of Wisconsin - Madison, WI

Medical School:  NYU School of Medicine in Manhattan, NY

Residency:   North Shore University in Manhasset, NY

Obstetrics/Gynecology Generalist:  Bet Shemesh, Israel


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What patients are saying ...

"Scheduling an appointment with Dr. Hellman was one of the best things I’ve done for myself since having a baby. I was able to discuss my concerns and preferences with someone who understood exactly where I was coming from, gain valuable and practical advice, and received encouragement to do whatever will be best for my physical and emotional well-being. Thank you, Dr. Hellman!

Anonymous, CA

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