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The Kallah Curriculum

What every past, present, and future bride should know about her body,

what’s normal, and how to deal with common problems as they arise.

Mazal Tov!

If you're here, there's a pretty good chance you or someone special in your life is entering a new phase:

Dating? Engaged? Newly married?

and though that newness can certainly be exciting and exhilarating, there can also be a lot of negative feelings.

Worried, scared, overwhelmed,

and even clueless.

And much of that fear has a lot to do with the physical and sexual relationship that will happen soon or recently started.

And I'm here to take that worry AWAY.


Hi, I'm Dr. Elissa Hellman,

an Orthodox Jewish OB/GYN and I've developed The Kallah Curriculum to make sure whether you're a future, current, or past kallah, you have the information you need to make you feel calm, confident, and prepared for this phase of life you're in.


It really feels like the course went over all the basics, and that questions I had been a little scared to ask, were right there

with their answers.

It was perfect!

- Devorah K.

I've spoken to hundreds of women just like you...

I know what questions you have.

It seems there's a lot of hype about the hymen- what does that mean?

I think I know the basics of sex, but what can I actually expect from my body?

I hear scary things about pain, bleeding, UTIs, and dryness- how can I avoid/treat those?

I'm not sure about birth control methods- what options are out there?

I'm ready to try to conceive but I don't really know much about when that happens?

I'm newly pregnant and have no idea what to do now?

I'm not sure if my questions are medical or halachic- who do I ask?

The Kallah Curriculum

 answers all of these and so much more!

In this course we will cover:

and you will feel calmer, more confident and prepared.

You'll know what to do.

You'll know who to ask.

You'll know where to get help from.

This knowledge will only help you have an easier transition from single to married, wherever you are along the way.

But even if you're not ready for a course like this yet, you can still sign up to get a FREE checklist of what to plan for in each stage, from dating through
early pregnancy.

I found it to be really useful as a refresher course for some topics, while also learning about topics I was less familiar with. I really liked that you talked about what to look out for in terms of abnormalities as well as who to go to when having questions.

-Esther M.


This is exactly what I need!
Sign me up!

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