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Educational Courses

To further our mission at The Confident Kallah to spread educational awareness of various women's and girl's health topics, we have started to prepare multiple educational online courses, covering a variety of topics.

We hope you find them helpful!

Girls Growing Up:
A puberty course for Jewish girls

If you have a daughter entering the stage of puberty and you're not quite sure how to start talking about it, this is the course for her (and you)!


A prerecorded course you can watch together or separately (or both!) that reviews the many changes of puberty, framing it in a Torah perspective.


This course is only about the changes of puberty, without sex education. 


Girls growing up jewish girls puberty course

Recommended age 9 -13.

Topics include:

anatomy, periods, acne, body odor and shape, hair growth, emotional development, safety concepts, and much more!

Price: $147 for 3 years of access

More coming soon ...

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