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Feel empowered, gain confidence,
& take
control of your health.

Going to the gynecologist doesn’t have to be stressful anymore.

After a telehealth consultation, you will feel a sense of clarity, be informed, and have personalized options that fit YOUR life.


Do you dread going to the doctor because:

You’re frustrated at being handed a prescription without really understanding why or if there are other options?

You feel intimidated or maybe even embarrassed to ask all of your sensitive women’s health questions?

You’re not sure how to talk to your doctor about your religious practices, like taharat hamishpacha, and how that impacts your medical needs? 

You aren’t even sure what to ask because you don’t feel knowledgeable enough about your own body?

Are you trying to plan your menstrual cycle around your wedding or figure out family planning options once your family is complete but not sure who can help?

Here’s how a telehealth appointment with me can help you...

enhance your perspective on your health as a woman,

                     give you a well thought out plan of care,

                              become more confident than ever before...


You’ll finally get to be an active part of the decision making process instead of being told what to do.


You’ll be in an environment where there’s no such thing as an embarrassing question. Anatomy questions, sexual health concerns, hormonal changes and more, are all up for discussion.  There’s no such thing as a taboo topic here!

You’ll know all of your options to help your concern whether it’s planning your cycle around your wedding date, going over the best postpartum contraceptive method for you, or ways to help deal with perimenopausal symptoms.

Your religious needs will be understood, without having to go into long explanations.  As a doctor who has learned and practices Taharat Hamishpacha in my own life, I know the cultural background to your needs.

You’ll learn whatever you want to know about how the woman’s body works, no matter what your background is!

" I made an appointment with Dr. Hellman to deal with some issues I was having. I didn’t know if she would even be able to help me, I just hoped maybe she could understand me, being a religious Jewish OBGYN.
Not only was she extremely easy to talk to and so understanding and sympathetic, she was able to help me solve all the issues I was dealing with. She was honest and upfront with me, gave me all the options I had to choose from, and made the whole thing simple and manageable for me. I will recommend Dr. Hellman at every opportunity I get!! "

E.M., NY

What makes Dr. Hellman's telehealth practice unique?

Understands Halachot

Knowing and practicing Taharat Hamishpacha (Jewish family purity laws) helps understand your background and the needs you have in your gynecologic care.

Unhurried Appointments

Each appointment type allows enough time for a thorough discussion of your concerns, needs, and options.  

Convenience of Telemedicine

Meeting with the doctor through the convenience of your computer or phone, you avoid wasted time travelling to and from an office and sitting in a waiting room.

Easily Accessible

You are able to easily reach the doctor via messaging and phone, with a reply within minutes to hours.

After seeing the frustration and lack of education in the Jewish community when it came to women's health care, I started this practice so my community becomes...

...informed, educated, comfortable, and confident in their health decisions.


I'm Dr. Elissa Hellman,

a board certified OB/GYN who wants to help you with your women's health questions, problems, and concerns through the ease of telehealth.

 " Thank you for listening and tweaking the plan as the months went along- not just prescribing one medication and hoping for the best like many of my friends had experienced before their weddings. Thank you for allowing me to speak openly and honestly about what myself and now husband were looking for in terms of a plan for when we would want to start trying to conceive without any judgment. "

D.F., CA

What types of services are offered?


We go over options to plan your menstrual cycle around your wedding date, vacations, and holidays.  After discussing all the ways to achieve this, you'll be able to make the choice that's right for you.

More Info


Based on what your family planning needs and desires are, we go over all of the options available to you.  We also discuss any pregnancy, fertility, or infertility concerns you may have in this process.

More Info


Whether you are about to get married, postpartum, perimenopausal or anywhere in between, we go over treatment options to address your personal women's health concerns while making sure you feel informed.

More Info

How this Works



Schedule an appointment from the privacy of your own home with the convenience of your computer or mobile device.


You will receive an email with instructions to register for the Patient Portal and complete the intake form along with the link for the video appointment.


Check in to the online waiting room and the doctor will see you via a HIPAA compliant





Any necessary prescriptions will be sent electronically to your pharmacy and you can then schedule any follow up appointments.

Book your

Fill out your information

See the doctor virtutally


What patients are saying ...

Dr. Hellman made me feel so at ease and comfortable. The Confident Kallah is the perfect name, because I truly came out more confident! :)"

C.F., IL

" Finally what Ive been waiting for! A frum ob/gyn that gets my concerns and is so helpful and knowledgeable in all areas plus!! Ty!!"

F.S., NY

“It was great experience having a telemedicine call with Dr. Hellman! Discussing a subject with someone that truly understands the ins and outs was a privilege!”

C.K., NJ

What are you waiting for?
Schedule an appointment today!

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