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You don't need any "down there" products!

If you’ve been around social media a few months ago, and you have female anatomy, I’m sure you’ve seen the new Kardashian craziness or at least hopefully some awesome OBGYN refuting it.

If you haven’t, I’ll summarize. One of the sisters is marketing (read: preying off your insecurities and hypersexualizing you) a gummy something or other to make your vagina smell amazing, called “lemme purr”. 🐱

My eyes got kinda stuck rolling back so far into my brain when I saw the ad. I definitely both laughed out loud and vomited a little in my mouth. 🤮

🙄 First, your vagina is just fine like it is. Unless you are having pain, discomfort, burning, itching, abnormal bleeding, or copious discharge- you’re probably FINE. And if you’re having any of those things Dr.Google Kardashian can’t help you. Your gynecologist is who you should see to make sure there’s nothing wrong, and if there is, help you with treatment based on a proper diagnosis.

🧫Second, your vagina has lots of yeast and bacteria in it. That’s supposed to be there. That’s there to keep things flowing the way things should. That’s called a “microbiome”. We have microbiomes in many parts of our bodies like skin, intestines, mouth, etc. We spend so much time trying to get rid of harmful bacteria that I’m actually often in awe of how the symbiotic relationship we have with the “good” bugs works so well. Don’t fight it. Don’t mess with it. Having a stable vaginal microbiome helps protect against infections, STDs, and even preterm birth.

Third, I get it. We want to feel attractive to the person who has access to those parts. But don’t fall for the disgustingly over sexualized message that you need to be fixed into a purring sultry feline to be attractive to the person who loves you. Or taste a certain way. I mean, you’re not food. You don’t need seasoning. 🐈

🍍Fourth, don’t buy it or anything else that claims to make your girls parts smell or taste like anything that has artificial fragrances and flavors, which can actually disrupt that microbiome and cause MORE irritation. The only thing they really want is to sell you some glorified candy for your hard earned $$$.

🚫Just. Say. No. 👎🏻

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