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Perspective: Labor Induction

There is only one absolute in pregnancy:

✅the baby always comes out.

The circumstances of that exit are often unknown and unpredictable. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Pregnancy is also one of the most dangerous physiological states a woman can be in (though most do just fine) which opens the discussion for ways to reduce the known risks that can arise.

🧠But before we start discussing labor induction, perspective and mindframe are crucial to start off this topic.

🤔My opinion of why labor induction would not sit well with someone is the attitude towards pregnancy and labor as needing to be kept “natural” (see, there’s that icky word again). It actually creates an implicit bias that prevents women from being objective when asking the following questions of their obstetric providers.

🔑This is why communication is KEY.

🤰🏼When it comes to the decision to induce labor there are so many important factors. There are absolutes, there are soft indications, there are psychosocial reasons.

But no matter the reason, they all require the same conversations:

✔️Why is this recommended?

✔️What are the alternative risks if induction does not happen?

✔️What are the risks of the induction and the different possible methods?

✔️What priorities are at play in the decision?

✔️Are there hospital or practice policies affecting the answers to these questions?

❓As you can see, it’s not just a “should I” or “shouldn’t I” question.

And actually, it can be a super easy decision for some and a mind-numbing complex uncertain decision for others. And remember, you always have a choice, understanding that the decision may require acceptance of large risk.

So my message to you whether you are “for” or “against” labor induction is to get rid of those notions:

✅Have an open mind.

❓Ask objective questions, and then come to a decision.

If you feel like your doctor can not explain their reasoning behind their recommendations well, KEEP ASKING questions. Pregnancy situations can change on a daily and weekly basis and the conversation can change as time goes on.

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